How Do You Paint Your Car's Interior With Spray Paint?


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To spray paint a car's interior and its parts, remove most parts from the interior, including the air conditioner, radio, dashboard, seats and anything else that is removable. Clean and strip previous paint with sandpaper prior to painting. Use high-quality spray paint for quick drying and easy application. Apply multiple layers of primer, base coat and lacquer.

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Wash the parts of the interior thoroughly prior to painting, and let the parts dry completely. Sand the parts to remove previous paint and protectants, then wash and dry again. Make sure there are no shiny areas left before starting to paint. Warm the spray paint cans prior to usage for a better finish. Do not overheat the can, and wear a mask to avoid inhaling aerosol.

To spray paint, shake the can prior to painting and use light overlapping strokes. Allow each layer to dry for at least five minutes, or shorten the time by using a blow dryer. Apply three or four plastic primer coats to improve paint cohesion. Use between three to eight layers of base coat after applying primer. Once the part is covered by paint, apply up to five coats of lacquer to protect the paint and add shine. Let the part dry for around four hours before polishing and refitting.

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