How Do You Paint a Car Matte Black?

Painting a car matte black can be done at home with materials available at a hardware store, and the task may take up to 48 hours to complete, depending on how quickly the paint dries and other factors. An average-sized car requires up to 15 cans of matte black spray paint and 8 cans of primer for a complete coat. Other needed supplies include newspaper, masking tape, sandpaper in a variety of grit sizes and basic cleaning materials.

  1. Prepare the car

    Begin the process by thoroughly cleaning the car with soap and water. Sand down rusty areas, and carefully clean them with a damp cloth to remove residual grit and detritus. Lay newspaper over the car's windows and other areas that are not to be painted. The newspaper can be secured at its edges with masking tape.

  2. Apply a layer of primer

    In a smooth motion, spray on a single layer of undercoat. This undercoat can be any color, as it is eventually covered by the black paint, but a gray undercoat is preferred for dark paint jobs. Be careful to reach every exposed surface with the primer to ensure an even coat. Let the primer dry for 24 hours before applying the final coat.

  3. Paint the body

    When the undercoat has completely dried, it is ready for the paint. Spray each panel of the vehicle's body with the same smooth, sweeping motion used in applying the undercoat. Let the topcoat dry for another 24 hours before exposing it to the elements.