How Do You Do Your Own Transmission Fluid Changes?


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Remove the transmission pan, drain the transmission fluid, replace the filter, reattach the pan and refill the system with fluid to change your own transmission fluid. The process requires only a few tools and materials, including new fluid and a filter, a drip pan and a torque wrench or socket set. Depending on the vehicle height, it may be necessary to raise the vehicle on jack stands or ramps to comfortably access the transmission pan.

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How Do You Do Your Own Transmission Fluid Changes?
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Locate the transmission pan, and place the drip pan directly underneath it. Loosen bolts holding the pan on slowly, taking care not to let fluid drip on your face or in your eyes. The fluid starts draining as soon as the seal of the bolts is broken. Remove the bolts, the pan and the gasket seal, allowing all of the fluid to drain into the drip pan. It is a good idea to inspect the waste fluid for debris or metal shavings that can indicate a potential transmission problem.

Inspect the gasket seal, and replace it if it is damaged. Coat the gasket with a thin layer of JTV sealant, and reattach the transmission pan, tightening the bolts by hand. Use a wrench to finish tightening the bolts evenly. Remove and replace the filter; tighten the new filter in place according to its specifications. Add the new fluid until it reaches the correct level on the dipstick.

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