How Do I Find Out the Value of My Car?


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An excellent method of determining the value of a car is to use auto value estimation tools, such as those on the Kelly Blue Book website or Edmunds.com, according to CarsDirect. The user inputs various vehicle details into the tool and receives an estimate.

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How Do I Find Out the Value of My Car?
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The value estimation tools available online ask for several pieces of information to determine a car's current value. These include the make, model and year. The condition of the car is also extremely important, says Edmunds.com. Cars that have been in accidents generally bring a lower price.

Another factor that plays a role in car valuation is geography, according to Bankrate. A vehicle that is in high demand in one part of the country may be less desirable to buyers in another region. Certain areas place more value on pickup trucks than others, for instance.

Climate is another key consideration with some vehicles, states Bankrate. If an owner wants to sell a four-wheel drive vehicle, she may receive a higher price in a colder climate where the vehicle is typically more useful. The color of the car also affects value. Cars with standard colors tend to hold their value better than those with an unusual color.

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