How Do You Find Out the Tire Size on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?


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Many tire retailers, such as Tire Rack and Pep Boys have the tire size for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Other websites, such as Tire-Size-Conversion.com and SizeMyTires.com, also list the tire size for the vehicle.

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How Do You Find Out the Tire Size on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?
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All of the websites offer this information in much the same way. The Jeep owner first enters the year, make, model and trim level. In some years, the Jeep Grand Cherokee was produced with more than one wheel size; if that is the case, a buyer would also need to know the vehicle’s rim size. At tire retailer sites, such as Goodyear, the website lists the correct tire size and a comparison of the available Goodyear tires in that size. Goodyear’s tire listings include prices, rebates and consumer reviews. After displaying the tire size, Tire-Size-Conversion.com displays dozens of tires in the size from various manufacturers.

SizeMyTires.com not only displays the tire size for the specific Jeep Grand Cherokee, but also details what each number in the tire size means. For example, a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 17 inch rims comes with P245/70R17 tires. The P refers to passenger vehicle, the 245 designates the tire width in millimeters and the 70 refers to the aspect ratio. In essence, the tire’s sidewall height is 70 percent of the width. R signifies radial construction, which is how 99 percent of the tires in 2015 are made. Lastly, 17 refers to the rim size the tires are meant to fit.

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