How do you find out the owner of a car using the license plate number?


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The owner of a vehicle can be revealed by inputting the license plate number into a search engine on a research website. Search Quarry and Vehicle Data Registry both allow users to search using a license plate number. These websites use records from DMV, court, corrections and vital statistics databases, according to The Law Dictionary.

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The Law Dictionary explains that Search Quarry allows users to discover the name of the license plate owner, the vehicle's VIN number and the vehicle registration information, including the state in which the vehicle is registered. Vehicle Data Registry also gives users the ability to research vehicle owner information via license plate number, specifically information related to a person's driving record. Users can discover name, criminal records and civil records as well as public information concerning the person's driving record. Such information is available thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. Both websites charge a fee.

For legal purposes, a person can use a Request for Record Information form INF 70 to identify a car's owner by using the license plate number. This provides information available on the individual's driver license, including convictions and accidents. The Department of Motor Vehicles reviews each request to ensure that the purpose of the request is legitimate; various state laws may apply. Requesters must pay a fee, and their request becomes a matter of public record.

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