How Do You Find Out How Much a Ford Engine Weighs?


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The websites GoMog.com and CarNut.com provide tables of technical information about several popular current and historical Ford engines, including engine weight. Information about the weight of Ford crate engines used in motorsport is available through the Ford Performance Racing Parts website.

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The weight of a vehicle's engine is an important factor to consider when determining a particular engine's influence on the performance of a vehicle. More massive engines are often heavier due to the presence of additional cylinders or overall larger amounts of displacement, usually making these engines more powerful. However, a heavier engine can affect the weight balance of a car in a deleterious manner due to the fact that a car's center of mass is largely determined by the placement and weight of the engine. Changes in weight balance can reduce the traction and handling characteristics of a vehicle and may offset some of the performance gain from a more powerful engine.

An important factor to consider when evaluating engine weights is whether or not the weight is reported with respect to a "dry" engine. Dry engine weights do not include the weight of fluids such as engine oil. In addition, some engine weight measurements do not include the weight of parts such as starters, flywheels, emissions control equipment, superchargers or turbochargers.

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