How Do You Find Out the Cost of Repairing a Power Steering System?


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To find out the cost of a power steering system repair, it is best to contact a few local mechanics for a quote based on the make and model of the vehicle. In some cases, an estimate for repairs is available online.

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On average, the cost of replacing the power steering pump, which is the main component of the system, is between $295 and $450, as of 2015. You can break down the cost of a power steering system repair into two main costs: the labor and the parts. The national average for parts is $119 to $227, and the price includes both taxes and fees. The cost of labor ranges from $176 to $223, depending on the hourly rate of the mechanic.

Symptoms that a power steering pump needs a replacement include difficulty with steering and unusual noise. When replacing the power steering pump, you should also have the power steering fluid flushed. Checking and replacing leaking or worn power steering hoses is also a good idea. The cost of the entire procedure is about $200 to $250. Also, it is important to ensure that the mechanic uses the correct power steering fluid, as many manufacturers require a specific fluid, and using the incorrect fluid may damage the power steering system.

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