What Other Services Should You Consider When You Get an Oil Change at Precision Tune?


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When having an oil change at Precision Tune Auto Care, a vehicle owner may consider other fluid maintenance services, such as brake fluid flush, differential fluid change, power steering fluid flush and transmission fluid change. A brake fluid flush leads to even braking and helps improve the lifespan of the braking system components.

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What Other Services Should You Consider When You Get an Oil Change at Precision Tune?
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Oil change is an essential maintenance service, because dirty oil tends to wear away engine components and slowly becomes sludge. Proper lubrication prevents engine parts from creating excessive friction and prevents the engine from seizing. Vehicles generally require an oil change once in three months or after driving 3,000 miles, particularly in harsh driving conditions such as dusty roads and short trips.

A regular differential fluid service helps maintain adequate lubrication and improves the lifespan of rear differential components. This service is important, as the differential is responsible for sending power from the driveshaft to the rear or front axles.

Because the power steering fluid can become contaminated with metal and rubber particles, it is important to perform a power steering fluid flush to get rid of the contaminants and maintain a smooth, quiet and reliable steering operation. A transmission fluid exchange removes and replaces nearly all of a vehicle's transmission fluid, which delivers power, eliminates heat, prevents corrosion and provides lubrication. Certified technicians at Precision Tune Auto Care perform these maintenance services and then test-drive vehicles.

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