How Do You Find the Original Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of a Car?

Find the original manufacturer's suggested retail price of a used car at's Autos section, and find the MSRP of a new car at MSRPs are not firm prices and are the prices at which manufacturers recommend dealers sell vehicles. Typically, you can contact a dealer that sells a vehicle you're interested in buying to obtain a print-out of the manufacturer's invoice listing the dealer's price and the MSRP.

On, type "MSN autos" in the search box near the top of the main page, and then click the Web Search button. Click the MSN Autos - Official Site link near the top of the page. Select Used on the drop-down menu in the Research box beneath the featured image near the top of the page, and then select a make and model. Click the Search button, and then click a model year near the top of the page to display the MSRP. Typically, it displays a price range where the low end is for the base model and the high end is for a model that is fully equipped.

At, click the Price New/Used Cars tab near the top-left of the main page. Select New on the first drop-down menu, select a make and model, and then click the Next button. Click an orange Select button associated with the model year. Click one of the orange buttons to choose a style, or click the Choose a Style button next to the base model. Select the vehicle features to include in the price, and then click the See Fair Purchase Price button near the bottom of the list of features to display the MSRP.