How Do You Order Replacement Honda Pump Parts?

How Do You Order Replacement Honda Pump Parts?

To order replacement Honda pump parts, search online at The car's vehicle identification number or details are needed to find the correct pump part.

To order replacement Honda pump parts, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Enter the vehicle's details
  2. Enter the vehicle's vehicle identification number if known. Alternatively, enter the following details: model, year, body, trim, emissions and transmission.

  3. Find the relevant parts category
  4. A list of parts categories is then brought up to select from. Look for pump parts. There are two categories, oil pump and water pump. Select the type needed.

  5. Select parts needed
  6. Clicking on the type of part brings up a list of pump parts and a diagram of the pump to determine which part is needed. If unsure about the name of the part, refer to the diagram. Find the image of the piece that needs replacing. Follow the arrow next to it to the number, and use this number to find the name of the piece.

  7. Add items to cart
  8. Click on the Add To cart button next to the desired items. Click Continue Shopping to add more items to the cart. Once all the items needed are in the cart, click Checkout. Pay by Secure Checkout or by PayPal. Enter shipping details and confirm the order.