How Do You Order Replacement Car Keys?

To order replacement car keys, place an order for a matching key at an online retailer that specializes in keys and key fobs, such as Auto Transponder. A locksmith can cut the key to match the locks on your vehicle. You can program some fobs on your own, but programming other fobs requires the assistance of a locksmith or your dealer.

You can buy keys and key fobs separately. For a switchblade key, which has a key shank that folds into a key fob, you can often buy the shank separately as well.

If the original keys are locked inside the vehicle, you can sometimes get a less expensive key from the dealer to avoid the need to order a replacement online. These keys open the vehicle doors but do not operate the ignition.

Vehicle dealers also typically provides replacement keys, though their replacements are often more expensive than online and off-brand models. Some types of keys and vehicle security devices are typically only available at a dealership. For example, laser-cut keys require expensive equipment to customize, which most locksmiths do not have. You also must visit the dealer to replace smart keys, which allow you to unlock the vehicle automatically and start the engine with a button push.