How Do You Order Repair Manuals for Classic Cadillacs?

How Do You Order Repair Manuals for Classic Cadillacs? carries a wide selection of repair manuals for classic Cadillacs. As of October 2015, eBay and also carry some repair manuals for classic Cadillacs including those from Haynes, Chilton and GM Cadillac itself.

To order repair manuals for classic Cadillacs on, navigate to site's home page and click Haynes Repair Manuals (Print) to access the repair manuals online store. Choose Automotive Repair Manuals on the left sidebar menu, and click Cadillac on the list of vehicle makes. Use the quick search tool to locate a classic car model. Click a Cadillac model to view available repair manuals for that model.

The easiest way to locate the repair manuals on eBay and Amazon is to use the search tool for classic Cadillac repair or service manuals. Indicate the model, year and make of the car to filter the results. On eBay, check the seller's feedback and ratings. Most items may be used or previously owned, so read the product's description and contact the seller prior to purchasing, bidding or placing an order.

A repair manual usually covers several models and years. Read the included description and coverage to make sure that the manual provides repair instructions for your car's model and year. To order a manual, click Buy Now, indicate the number of copies for the product and part number, and proceed to checkout.