How Do You Order a Mercedes-Benz Replacement Key?


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As of April 2015, to order a replacement key for a Mercedes-Benz, you must contact a Mercedes-Benz dealer. Before a dealership can issue a new key, however, it requires you to provide documentation to prove ownership.

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How Do You Order a Mercedes-Benz Replacement Key?
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If the person who needs a new key for a Mercedes-Benz is the owner of the vehicle, the dealer requires the current registration for the vehicle as well as proof of the owner's identity. This could be a driver's license, state-issued identification card or passport. The dealer cannot accept proof of identity that is photocopied or duplicated, however.

If the person who needs a new Mercedes-Benz key is an authorized representative of the owner, the dealership requires the current registration of the vehicle, proof of identity of the authorized representative and a signed and dated authorization from the owner.

When the owner or representative has presented all of the required documents to the Mercedes-Benz dealer, the dealer can synchronize a new key for the vehicle. The key does not work until this is done, and to synchronize the key, the dealer must have access to the vehicle.

If a person needs more information about getting a new key for a Mercedes-Benz, the company suggests contacting a local dealer or calling the company.

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