How Do You Order a Driver's License Online?

How Do You Order a Driver's License Online?

Order a replacement license online through the website of your state's DMV by logging on and entering the license number of a current licence. Under certain conditions, replacing a driver's license online is not possible.

  1. Check for current information

    Before ordering a license, make sure that the address and other information that the DMV have is current. File new contact information by filling out the appropriate online forms. Many states do have restrictions on what information can be changed online and what has to be changed in person at the DMV office, though.

  2. Fill out a replacement license form

    Locate the form on the DMV website for a replacement driver's license. Fill out the requested information, including your driver's license number, and submit it to the DMV.

  3. Pay the fee

    After the form is complete, you are taken to a payment page. The fee for a replacement license varies by state, but in most areas is under $20. When ordering online, pay by credit or debit card using the secure payment form located on the DMV website.

  4. Wait for delivery

    A new driver's license is mailed to the address on file with the DMV within two weeks. Some states' DMVs have an option that allows expedited delivery for an additional fee.