What Options Are Available for a 2015 Ford Ranger?


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Some options available for the 2015 Ford Ranger include a voice-controlled "infotainment" system and an updated 3.2-liter five-cylinder 200-horsepower diesel engine with 347 lb.-feet of torque. It is available in a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission, and options for a 2.2-liter diesel engine and a 2.5-liter gasoline engine are also available. Notably, the Ford Ranger has not been available for purchase in the United States since 2011, although it is available many foreign markets.

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What Options Are Available for a 2015 Ford Ranger?
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With the Sync2 "infotainment" system, drivers of the Ford Ranger communicate with the truck and can give it voice commands to turn on the stereo, find a particular artist or bring the temperature inside to a specific number. The system also has a touchscreen for entering commands and controlling features, such as the air conditioning and stereo.

Enhanced safety features with the 2015 Ranger include a lane assistance aid, drive impairment monitor and adaptive cruise control. An emergency assistance function alerts authorities of collisions.

As of 2015, the Ford Ranger is manufactured in three countries: Thailand, Argentina and South Africa. It is available in 180 markets, but there is no plan by Ford to reintroduce the line to its American audience. A comparable model to the Ford Ranger is the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon.

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