How Do You Operate a Stand-up Forklift?

Operate a stand-up forklift by looking around you at all times to make sure nobody is in the way, and use your hands and feet to control the unit. Use the handle on the forklift to move it back and forth, and use the buttons on the handle to control the fork.

  1. Move the handle forward and stop

    Press forward on the handle while gently stepping on the gas to move forward. Stop by lifting your foot off the gas and bringing the handle back to the start position.

  2. Move the handle toward you to reverse the forklift

    Slowly bring the handle toward your body, and press on the gas gently to reverse the forklift.

  3. Sound the horn

    As you begin to move backward, sound the horn with your free hand to signal to anyone coming around the corner that you are moving in reverse and may not see them.

  4. Lift and lower loads

    Learn the controls on the handle to move the fork up and down to either pick up or lower a load. Press the top button to insert the fork into the load and the bottom button to retract the fork back to the unit. Press the left button to raise the load and the right button to lower it.