How Do I Open the Bonnet on a Ford Focus?

open-bonnet-ford-focus Credit: David Martyn Hunt/CC-BY 2.0

Opening the hood on a Ford Focus requires releasing latches on both the inside of the cabin and under the hood itself. If the hood refuses to latch again when closed, the problem is probably that the interior latch is stuck in the open position and needs to be reset.

  1. Release the interior latch

    The interior hood latch for a Ford Focus is located on the car wall to the left of the driver's seat below the dashboard. Pull the latch toward the driver's door to release the hood lock.

  2. Release the hood latch

    Lift the hood up slightly to find the hood latch, which is a lever made of brightly colored plastic. Pull the lever toward you. This releases the hood so it can be fully lifted.

  3. Prop up the hood

    Lift the hood manually to its fully open position, and then lift the hood prop, which is a long, thin metal rod that snaps into its storage position horizontally at the front of the hood section. Insert the prop into the provided hole in the bottom of the hood to hold the hood open.