Does an Online Driving Training Course Help You Get Your License?


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Some states accept online driving training courses as a way to complete Driver's Education in order to receive a permit. However, in order to get a license, drivers must complete some form of a physical driving test.

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For example, the state of Georgia requires that everyone complete a driver education course and also drive 40 hours with 6 of those hours driven at night. These hours must all be supervised by a driving professional. The state of Georgia specifies that the driver education course must be approved by the state; however, it does not specify that the course must be completed offline.

When driver education courses are taken online, they often include interactive lessons with 3-D animations, videos, case studies and practice permit tests. Some of these online driver education courses will also count toward high school credit and can help new drivers by providing them with an insurance discount. It is important that new drivers check with their state to ensure that the online driver education course that they are interested in meets state standards. If it does not then it is unlikely to count towards a driver's permit or a driver's license. It can also be helpful to check for complaints against the driver training school to ensure that the training received is not faulty.

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