What Are Some Free Online Driver's Education Games?

What Are Some Free Online Driver's Education Games?

"DriversEd" and "Parking" are games that teach players about driver's education. Games such as "Driving License Test 3D," "Muscle Star Parking," "Mafia Driver: Omerta" and "Miami Taxi" are games that Wheel Gamer categorizes as driver's ed games.

"DriversEd" on Learn4Good is a driver's education simulator game. Players select a driving instructor and try practice lessons. They can also jump straight to their driving test. The game guides players through driving principles, such as turning left and parallel parking.

Players work through five lessons that each "instructor" teaches. At the conclusion of the lessons, they take the driving test. Players who pass all the lessons and the test get a code good for 15 percent off lessons at DriversEd.com. The Drivers Ed website also has a driver's education quiz, a Department of Motor Vehicles game and several applications for playing driver's ed games.

"Parking: The Drivers Ed Game" is a game from Drivers Ed Direct that has players practice parallel parking and challenges present in parking lots. The game allows players to bump other cars lightly as long as they don't hit them hard enough to set off an alarm.

"Muscle Star Parking," available on Wheel Gamer, guides players through 21 hard parking challenges. "Miami Taxi Driver" guides players through city driving with earning money in the game as a reward.