Where Online Can You Buy Swangas Rims?

Texan Wire Wheels provides online shopping for its swangas at the company website, and SLAB Customs sells TWW swangas via its website. AmericanListed.com posts ads for used swangas, and Adaptors 4 Swangas sells custom wheel adaptors for swangas on its website.

Texan Wire Wheels offers its swangas in several sizes ranging from 15 to 22 inches. TWW swangas are available in all chrome, all gold, two-tone and chrome wheels with black rims. The vintage 17-inch series includes 83s and 84s Standard Poke, Extreme Poke, Organatang Poke, Giraffe Poke and Super Poke models. The company also offers a limited number of Super Poke With Buttons models. TWW also offers a limited selection of rear-wheel-drive swangas and two-piece sport swangas.

Texan Wire Wheels is an aftermarket manufacturer of vintage 83s and 84s 30 Spoke Elbow wire wheels, called swangas, and it offers free shipping within the United States. The company tests all of its wheels in extreme driving conditions before shipping to customers or its distribution centers in Houston, Texas and Beverly Hills, California.

SLAB Customs sells 15- and 17-inch 84 elbows, 15- and 17-inch Super Pokes, 15- and 17-inch 84 Gorilla Pokes, and 20- and 22-inch 84 elbows. The company also offers 20- and 22-inch 84 Super Poke elbows, 20-inch 83 Super Poke elbows, 15- and 17-inch 83 Gorilla Pokes, 17- and 20-inch Orangatang elbows, and 17- or 20-inch 84 G-10s. SLAB Customs also powder coats swangas to any color, and the company offers layaway plans for its products as well.

Adaptors 4 Swangas produces wheel adaptors that fit all Texan Wire Wheels' products regardless of size. The company offers standard one-piece hub and wheel centric adaptors, two-piece hub and wheel centric six-lug-to-five-lug adaptors, and hub centric rings for front-wheel-drive cars.