How Does One Get a Vehicle Bill of Sale for Free?


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Bill-of-sale forms for motor vehicles are provided free in most states by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Some states do not require a bill of sale as part of a vehicle transfer.

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Check the local DMV website to see if a state-specific bill-of-sale form is required. If a state does not require a state-specific form, a generic bill of sale is available free from many online sites.

Some states, such as South Carolina, require a bill of sale that contains security features. Because of the security features, the form provided on the DMV website is provided as an example only. A blank bill of sale must be obtained directly from the DMV office.

Both the buyer and the seller of a vehicle should receive a copy of the bill of sale documenting the transfer of a vehicle. The bill of sale should include the names of the buyer and the seller as well as the VIN number and physical description of the vehicle being transferred. It should include the county and state where the sale originated and any warranty agreed upon at the time of sale. The bill of sale should be signed by both parties and dated. Whether required by the state or not, having a bill of sale protects both buyer and seller from legal issues that may arise later.

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