How Does One Recognize a Fake Driver's License?


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Fake driver's licenses are characterized by raised edges, bumpy surfaces and glue lines by the birth date or photograph. Fake licenses may also have unreasonable photographs and personal information such as height and weight. They may also have an incorrect state seal or have it in the wrong place.

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How Does One Recognize a Fake Driver's License?
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The three types of fake driver's licenses are those manufactured or generated by computers; altered licenses, which have some information changed; and borrowed licenses, which are valid licenses but used by the wrong person. These types of licenses come from the Internet, friends and manufacturers and can also be self-manufactured.

To notice a fake driver's license, feel the license for uneven surfaces. Bumps or glue lines indicate altered information. Make sure the photograph and information match the person; if the height, weight or age seem unreasonable or the picture looks nothing like the person, it may be fake. If suspicion arises, ask the person about the information. Ask for the person's middle name, birth month, zodiac sign or graduation year; if the person hesitates, it is likely that he is lying. Also ask him to sign his signature, then compare it to the one on the license. It may be a different name or differ drastically from the signature on the license.

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