How Does One Adjust Auto Headlights Step-By-Step?


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To adjust auto headlights, park the car in front of a blank wall, and mark the distance between the headlamps and the ground. Use this mark to make appropriate adjustments to the low and high beams. To adjust the beams, use the top and side adjustment screws.

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When parking the car in front of a blank wall, leave adequate walking space between the wall and the vehicle's front. Switch on the headlights to the Low position. Ensure that the light beam comes straight out of the lamp.

Measure till the center of both the headlights from the ground. Join the two markings by drawing a horizontal line.

To make adjustments to the light beams, shift the beams upwards or downwards or to the left and right by turning the top and side adjustment screws, respectively. These screws are located on the mounting frame of the headlights and can be accessed by opening the vehicle's hood.

When adjusting the low beam, ensure that its center falls on the horizontal line. Then, mark its center using a vertical line so that the line makes a cross with the horizontal line. Now, reverse the car till the distance between the wall and the vehicle is 25 feet. Switch the headlights on to the High position.

When adjusting the high beam, ensure that its center lies just beneath the horizontal line. Also, the high beams' center must be 12 inches in from the low beams' center and towards the vehicle's center.

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