What Are Some Facts About Old Ford Mustangs?


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The Ford Mustang's name originally comes from the P-51 Mustang fighter plane. The 1965 Ford Mustang featured six available engines and a choice between a three-speed manual transmission, a four-speed manual transmission and a Cruise-o-matic automatic transmission.

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Of the six available engines for the 1965 Ford Mustang, three were V8 engines. Individuals who purchased this model could choose between the l6 200ci engine, two types of GT-350 engines, or three types of Challenger V8 engines.

Between the 1965 Ford Mustang's Challenger High Performance V8 engine, the Challenger Special V8 engine and the Challenger V8 engine, the Challenger High Performance V8 offered the highest power rating of 271 horsepower. The GT-350R engine option offered even greater performance, exclusively offering racing motorists access to a 360 horsepower 289ci engine. By contrast, the greatest performance available to street users of 1965 Ford Mustangs was 306 horsepower, through the similar GT-350 engine. The racing Mustangs had no back seat and were exclusively available in white. In 1969, Ford released the Mustang Grande, which offered additional luxury components designed to meet the expectations of a new kind of muscle car client.

Factory exterior colors for older Ford Mustangs were more varied in comparison with recent models, with Ford making 16 different exterior colors available for the 1965 model, including Tropical Turquoise, Prairie Bronze, Silver Blue, Springtime Yellow and Vintage Burgundy. Additional exterior color options include Raven Black, Honey Gold, Caspian Blue and Champagne Beige. By 1969, the color palette expanded to 21 colors.

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