Where Do You Find Old Cars for Sale in California?

Find old used cars for sale in California using sites such as CarMax, Autotrader and Craigslist. These sites all allow users to browse online listings of used cars in California.

CarMax is a major used car retailer with locations all across California. On the CarMax website, users can enter their ZIP code to find a nearby location or browse a list of California locations, including Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego. Using CarMax’s in-depth search feature, users can also browse cars based on make, vehicle type, price, features and miles per gallon. Users can also browse cars based on location, choosing to see only vehicles available at the nearest CarMax stores.

Autotrader is another online retailer with many affiliates in California. The site acts as an aggregator for various local dealerships, allowing users to enter their locations and find nearby used car sellers. On Autotrader, users can either enter their ZIP codes or browse by locations in major cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Community marketplace Craigslist is another useful tool for purchasing used cars in California. Browsing through the site’s regional pages, users can find extensive listings for used cars, often for much cheaper than major dealer prices. Users can browse results by price, make, model, year and color. Selection is only limited to the distance a buyer is willing to drive to pick up a car.