What Oil Should Be Used With a Dodge 3.7-Liter Engine?


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For its six-cylinder, 3.7-liter engine, Dodge recommends that customers use an oil with a 5W-20 Society of Automotive Engineers viscosity grade. Additionally, the company recommends the oil be certified by the American Petroleum Institute for use in gasoline engines and meet the DaimlerChrysler MS-6395 material standard.

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Dodge recommends owners change the oil in its 3.7-liter engines every 6,000 miles under regular driving conditions, every 3,000 miles under strenuous driving conditions and every 50 hours of use for off-road driving. Customers can use synthetic oils, as long as they meet Dodge's established criteria. The company recommends that customers change their vehicles' oil filters with every oil change and do not use oil additives.

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