Are Oil Filled Heaters Economical?


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Heaters that are filled with oil use energy efficiently while creating a many Btu of heat, which makes them economical. Oil generates more heat than gas, which translates into cost savings when less fuel is used to generate heat.

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While many homes and buildings are heated by gas, which is controlled by utility companies, oil heaters are filled independently. Consumers have a choice on where they purchase oil and how much is spent. If the price is too high, consumers can find another source that is less expensive. This is not generally the case with utility companies.

Oil heaters have the advantage of burning fuel more efficiently than other sources of energy. During colder months the thermostat on an oil heater does not need to be turned as high as a gas heater. The reason is because oil produces much higher temperatures per energy unit. Therefore, a room temperature of 68 F feels warmer when heated with oil. Those with gas heat may need to turn the thermostat up a few degrees to reach the same level of comfort.

Consumers have an easier time determining how much is spent on oil heat as opposed to gas heat. Heating bills for gas are more complex and confusing to consumers. On the other hand, oil heating bills are relatively simple to understand.

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