How Do You Find the Oil Drain Plug Location?


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To locate the oil drain plug location, locate the transmission, find the oil pan, or check the directions from the car's manufacturer. Look for the oil drain plug location by asking a mechanic, taking a trip to a local auto parts store or using a creepy crawler.

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The oil drain plug is near the transmission on the driver's side of the car, so locating the transmission is a good way to locate the plug. The transmission is easy to spot, and the plug should be in front of it. Locating the oil pan is also a way to find the plug, as the plug is at the bottom of the pan.

Most vehicle manuals also have the location of the oil drain plug in the diagram of the mechanics of the car. Taking a trip to a local auto parts store is also a way to find the oil drain plug, as most employees are knowledgeable about cars and parts. Ask for assistance locating the plug and even for some pointers on performing an oil change.

Asking a local mechanic is also an option when looking for an oil drain plug, and most are willing to give this advice.

Consider using a creepy crawler to get underneath the car to find the oil drain plug. Owners can move about halfway across the car to find the oil pan and locate the plug.

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