What Is the Best Oil for a 6.0 PowerStroke?


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The best oil for a 6.0 Power Stroke engine is a synthetic diesel oil. Amsoil is a well-recognized name in the world of synthetic motor oil. Its products are highly recommended by Diesel Hub.

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According to Diesel Hub, synthetic motor oil provides better all-around protection for engines than conventional motor oils. The areas of superior performance include: resistance to thermal breakdown, better chemical stability, resistance against oxidation, and better high- and low-temperature performance. Some maintain that synthetic oil also has the capacity to extend the time between oil changes. As the only way to accurately determine this is with an oil analysis at every drain interval, relying on this capability is not particularly suggested. Various types of synthetic diesel oils are available, according to different specifications, such as age of the engine. These oils are said to outperform conventional motor oils regardless of the make of the diesel engine.

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