What Are Some Offers From GMC Friends and Family?

Some offers from GMC Friends and Family include the GM extended family card, employee discounts, employee lease offers and GM suppliers discounts for friends, as of 2015. Other offers from GMC Friends and Family include the GM mobility plan, OnStar plan and auto loan financing options.

The GM extended family card offer provided by GMC Friends and Family provides unlimited one-percent earnings on credit purchases. These are redeemable for over 30 eligible new vehicles from Cadillac, Buick, GMC and Chevrolet. The card has no limit on how much a customer can earn or redeem. This offer allows combined earnings of GM employee discounts with current GM incentives.

The GMC Friends and Family plan has employee discounts that can be integrated into leases.The offer provides ultra-low mileage leases for all well-qualified GM workers and eligible family members. The offer has a premium care maintenance provision for four years with no security deposit required. The OnStar safe and sound offer gives special hands-free prepaid minutes for customers to use when making mobile calls.

The GM mobility offer provides reimbursements for any eligible adaptive equipment, extended OnStar repairs and any resources used to make vehicles more accessible for users with unique transportation needs. GMC Friends and Family provides financial rebates and incentives. The auto-loan offer provides a hassle-free process of purchasing vehicles and includes an alumni and student discount and free information on buying and leasing new and pre-owned vehicles.