How Do You Take Off a Car Bumper?

You can remove a front or rear bumper by removing the screws and corner bolts located on the inside of the bumper. Most car bumpers can be removed using a similar method regardless of the vehicle's make and model.

  1. Create a safe work space

    Park the vehicle in a spacious and well-lit area. Be sure the engine is off. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, make sure it is in gear. Jacks or lifts may not be necessary, but if you need to raise the automobile to ensure better access, use caution, and make sure the vehicle is securely lifted.

  2. Disable the airbags

    Ways to disable airbags vary by manufacturer, so you should consult your manual. However, some basic steps are to disable the car battery, remove the steering wheel cover plate, and remove the wire connections with a screwdriver.

  3. Remove the first row of screws

    Open the hood. For either bumper, locate a small row of screws on the inside of the bumper. The front side may have a plastic shield to protect the radiator held in by the same screws; remove these screws as well. Store the screws in a safe place. The front bumper may have other clips or bolts, which must also be removed.

  4. Remove corner bolts

    The front and rear bumpers usually have single bolts on the inside of each corner. Remove them, and the bumper should come loose. If not, check overlapping body panels and inside the trunk in the rear for additional screws, and remove them.