How Do You Obtain a Trade-in Value for a Used Car at

How Do You Obtain a Trade-in Value for a Used Car at

Obtain a trade-in value for a used car on Edmunds by navigating to the website and entering the parameters for the search into the used car appraisal tool. The price given is based on the year, model, make and features of the vehicle, according to Edmunds.

Finding a trade-in value for a used car online takes just a few easy steps at Edmunds. Knowing the trade-in price before heading to the dealership helps consumers determine whether they should trade-in or sell their vehicles.

  1. Visit the Edmunds website
  2. Use a Web browser to navigate to Edmunds. Click the "Appraise Your Car" link located under the "Used Cars" heading in the page footer.

  3. Select the car's year, make, model and trim
  4. Select the car's specific model year, make, model and trim options by choosing from the drop-down menus for each. For example, for a 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche, choose "2002" from the "Select Year" menu, "Chevrolet" from the "Select Make" menu, "Avalanche Crew Cab" from the "Select Model" menu and either "1500" or "2500" from the "Select Trim" menu, depending on the specific vehicle. Enter a ZIP code in the field provided, and click the "Appraise My Car" button.

  5. Add style, color and options
  6. To choose a specific style, click the drop-down menu for "Change Style." Click the "Colors & Options" tab and select the specific color for the vehicle. Check different boxes under the "Add Optional Equipment" section to add equipment. Click the "Condition & Mileage" button to proceed to the next section.

  7. Add condition and mileage
  8. Enter the vehicle's mileage in the field provided. Select the condition of the vehicle. Edmunds provides examples next to each condition type to assist owners in determining condition. Click the "Appraise My Car" button to finish.

  9. Review the appraisal
  10. Review the appraisal. Opt to have the appraisal emailed, if desired, by completing the First Name, Last Name and Email Address fields, and then clicking the "Email Appraisal" button. Otherwise, click the "No thanks" link and the appraisal will appear on the page.