How Do You Obtain a Temporary Parking Permit?


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Individuals can obtain a temporary parking permit from the appropriate state transportation agency depending on their location. The procedure, conditions and charges vary from state to state, reports OrlandoTouristInformationBureau.com.

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Individuals may obtain a temporary U.S. parking badge in Orlando, Florida, by paying a fee at one of several licensing offices, states OrlandoTouristInformationBureau.com.

Residents of residential permit parking areas can obtain temporary parking permits for short-term use for rental cars or visitors, states the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Flexible and convenient one-day permits can be bought in advance and the corresponding date scratched off when the permit is used. Longer-duration permits are also available for purchase with a date that cannot be altered or changed. A maximum of 20 permits or 32 weeks per address may be purchased per calendar year. The permits may be purchased in-person or by mailing an application to the SFMTA office.

Temporary parking permits are issued by the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia. Residents can make an application in person or at a police station in their area to obtain a visitor parking permit free of charge, notes the Metropolitan Police Department. Incapacitated or disabled residents receive special consideration. Applicants must provide proof of residency. Valid permits must display the license plate number of the vehicle, the ward number of the resident and the expiration date.

Residents of Cambridge, Massachusetts, can obtain temporary visitor parking permits for use by visitors to park near their homes. A permit must be placed on the dashboard of a noncommercial vehicle to park in locations designated as permit parking only. Fees vary depending on the type of permit. One temporary parking permit is available to each Cambridge household. Applications can be made online, by mail or in person at the office of Traffic, Parking and Transportation.

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