How Do You Obtain a Manual for a Used 1994 Jeep Cherokee?

How Do You Obtain a Manual for a Used 1994 Jeep Cherokee? and are websites that offer factory service manuals for 1994 Jeep Cherokees. Both websites have the owner's manual and service manual available for sale under their products list.

To find 1994 Jeep Cherokee manuals on, select Jeep from the automotive brands listed under the Parts Catalog, and then select 1994 from the listed manufacture years. From the subcategories, click Cherokee, and select the engine type of the vehicle. From the categories, click Literature, and choose a manual that you wish to purchase. The website offers an owner's manual, parts guide and repair manual. After selecting a manual from the list, click the Add Part button to the right of the item, and click the Cart link at the top of the page to make the purchase.

To find a manual on, select Products from the menu on the left of the page, and click Jeep under the Automotive menu. From the Jeep models, select Cherokee, and then select the 1994 from the list of model years. The website has listings for a parts catalog, service manual, parts guide and original factory parts-catalog CDs, along with the original factory owner's manual. Select a manual from the results list for additional details, or click the Add to Cart button below the product image for purchase. For questions, call the company's toll-free number at 1-866-586-0949.