How Do You Obtain Information About Air Powered Cars?


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To obtain more information about air powered cars, visit online resources such as HowStuffWorks.com and ZeroPollutionMotors.us. Alternatively, information is available from various articles provided by AutoBlog.com and NBCNews.com. Zero Pollution Motors is one of the leading researchers and manufacturers for air powered cars, featuring the AIRPod vehicle model designed for urban mobility with zero pollution. Air powered cars are also lighter and cheaper than conventional vehicles.

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To use air as a car fuel source, the air is compressed using a mechanical air compressor. The compressed air acts as stored energy. When the compressed air is released, the air expands and is used to power the pistons of an engine. The operating costs and fast refueling time of an air powered vehicle gives it an advantage over electric powered vehicles, as air is quickly refueled from refueling stations similar to gas stations.

Without air refueling stations, the recharge time of an air powered vehicle takes roughly two hours. Air compressors use air from around the vehicle to fill its compressed air tank. If the air is already compressed, the refilling process takes around three minutes. The initial models of air powered vehicles produce zero pollution below speeds of 35 miles per hour. Some air powered cars also provide the option to use fossil fuels and biofuels for higher speeds.

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