How Do You Obtain an Extended Warranty From AAA?

To obtain an extended warranty from AAA as of 2015, call the toll-free number of the AAA club in your region and request a quote for your vehicle or use the link on the club website to request a quote, according to Mid-Atlantic AAA. The automotive clubs offer various vehicle protection plans and coverage levels to cover new and used vehicles for out-of-warranty repairs. A sample of a vehicle service contract is available on the club website.

Extended warranties are vehicle service contracts that cover a portion or all of a vehicle's repair cost, explains Mid-Atlantic AAA. You can purchase extended warranties for vehicles you have owned for years or purchase the warranties at the time you purchase new or pre-owned vehicles. The number of miles on a vehicle and the length of time you plan to keep it affect the type of extended warranty you should purchase.

The purpose of a vehicle service contract is to prevent paying high repair costs in the future, notes Mid-Atlantic AAA. The extended warranty can cover significant vehicle problems, such as brakes or electrical systems, or simple repairs. When choosing an extended warranty, make sure it covers all the vehicle parts that are manufacturer-installed, such as computer systems and satellite radios. Look for extended warranties that are transferable to future vehicle owners because that adds value to covered vehicles at resale time.