How Do You Obtain Driving Record Printouts From the California DMV?


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Obtain an official copy of a driving record printout by ordering through the mail or in person at a California Department of Motor Vehicles location. View and print an unofficial copy online at the California DMV website.

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To obtain an official copy of a driver record printout in person, visit a California Department of Motor Vehicles location, and fill out form INF 1125. Show the required identification, and pay the fee. To order an official copy by mail, complete form INF 1125, and mail it to the address on the form along with the required fee. Write “Certified Driver Record” at the top of the form to receive an official copy. Pick up form INF 1125 at a local California DMV office, or download a copy from the DMV website.

Order online driver record printouts from the California DMV website, but be aware that online records are not considered official documents and can only be viewed online or printed. To ensure information remains confidential, only certified users are eligible to order online driver records. After registering as a certified user, order an online copy of a driver record by visiting the Driver Record Request page. Follow the prompts to enter the requested information, pay the fee, and view or print the record.

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