How Do You Obtain Car Wax Test Results?


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Consumers can view car wax test results on sites such as CarsDirect.com, and BestCovery.com. CarsDirect.com features the top-five car waxes, Carnauba, Meguiar’s Number 26, Turtle Wax, and Synwax, as of 2016.

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Carnauba takes the top spot and is rated as the best car wax available to the public. Carnauba is a paste, made of natural plant essences. CarsDirect.com praises it as giving the best shine of any wax, while being easy to apply. Meguiar’s Number 26 is a hybrid wax that features natural plants and synthetics. It is extremely effective on darker-colored cars and is available in spray, liquid or paste.

Turtle Wax makes a wide variety of products that are hard-wearing and durable. CarsDirect.com gives this brand high marks for its ease of application and removal, its strong protective cover and durability. Synwax gives a deep and durable shine, because it penetrates the car surface. It is designed to protect against UV and sunlight damage.

BestCovery.com hosts information about the differences between liquid and paste waxes. The site lists the best liquid and paste waxes, as well as car cleaner waxes. As of 2016, some top brands include Pinnacle Liquid car wax, Adam’s Buttery Car Wax and One Grand Blitz Carnauba wax.

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