How Do You Obtain an Arizona Drivers' License?

To obtain an Arizona driver's license, fill out the application form, bring it to the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles, present proof of your identity and residency, pass a vision test, pass the driving knowledge and road tests, pay the licensing fee and have your license photo taken. This process usually takes about two weeks, and drivers exempt from the road test usually receive their licenses on the day they apply.

  1. Fill out the application

    Fill out the Arizona driver's license application, gather the identification documents listed on it and bring them to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Give the materials to the clerk.

  2. Pass a vision test

    Follow the clerk's instructions for completing the vision exam. These quick tests resemble optometrist's exams and involve reading letters and numbers of various sizes.

  3. Pass the knowledge exam

    Take the written knowledge exam. If you have an Arizona learner's permit or are an adult transferring your license from another state, you are exempt from this test. Military members are also exempt.

  4. Schedule and take the road test

    Schedule and pass your road test. Drivers transferring licenses from other states do not have to undergo the road test.

  5. Pay the license fee

    Pay the license fee, and get in line to have your license photograph taken.