How Do You Obtain Free Access to Your DMV Records?

Some states offer free access to your Department of Motor Vehicles', or DMV's, driving and motor vehicle records, but to get this service, you have to go in person to the appropriate state office and make the request. Most states charge a small fee to access your DMV record, but you can get basic information for free, such as the number of your driver's license, simply by making a phone call.

If you are willing to pay the small fee, driving records can be accessed immediately online through services offered by state DMVs. Drivers should be aware of this in regard to companies or websites that offer free driving records. Such companies are likely to give you basic information and then attempt to charge you for other services.

Driving and motor vehicle records contain crucial information about your driving history that affects your insurance rates and may be a deciding factor in gaining employment if it involves driving. Information in the records include violations and points on the license, traffic accidents, convictions, fines and DUI public records. Drivers need to consistently monitor their DMV record to ensure that it is accurate and up to date. Websites such as offer information on how to access such records in each of the 50 states.