What Is Observed During a Department of Transportation Truck Inspection?


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A Department of Transportation truck inspection involves an official inspector examining a truck and its driver to ensure both meet state and federal safety guidelines. Inspectors typically check for a valid driver's license and registration, proper placement of placards and that the truck is free of mechanical or structural issues.

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Each state has a Department of Transportation that oversees the operation of all commercially operated large vehicles,including delivery trucks, moving trucks, and various types of cargo and transportation vehicles. This department sets and enforces safety regulations for all drivers passing through the state, which means it conducts both scheduled and random inspections of vehicles to ensure compliance with all applicable guidelines. Inspections are divided into two sections, one focusing on the driver and one focusing on the vehicle.

Driver inspections ensure that the driver is legally able to operate the vehicle and transport the cargo, which means he has the appropriate paperwork for the cargo type. Inspectors also make sure he is following safety laws, such as not texting while driving and not consuming alcohol during vehicle operation. The vehicle inspection ensures that the truck is in proper working order, and that no components for safe and normal operation are missing or damaged.

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