How Are Nitto Tires Different From Other Brands?

The primary difference between Nitto brand tires and their competitors is the tread patterning that Nitto uses on its products. Nitto incorporates computer-modeled tread designs that offer improved traction on dry and wet roads while offering extending tread life.

Nitto's product line includes tires for light trucks, passenger cars and competitive race cars. All of the company's light truck tires carry the Grappler name, with specific models made for desert, mud and all-terrain conditions.

A 2009 comparison test between Nitto Invos tires and a variety of competing products showed that Nitto's tread designs are visually impressive and quiet on the road. The unique treading design of the model reviewed performed well when riding in wet conditions, but did not offer a level of performance to match the other tires reviewed. The review states that despite earning top marks in wet-condition precision, the tires' lap time was still strikingly average.

Car and Driver's comparison testers distinguished the Nitto Invos from other products by their nonlinear grip performance and poor response to braking in dry conditions. The test drivers responsible for the comparison reported a greater degree of oversteer than many of other tires presented and explained that they wished the tires offered better grip.