How Do You Find a Nissan Parts Dealer?


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You can find a list of authorized Nissan parts dealers on the Nissan website, located at NissanUSA.com. You or your independent automobile repair facility may also order original equipment manufacturer parts and accessories directly from the Nissan website.

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Only genuine Nissan parts and accessories are guaranteed to have the same the specifications and performance as the original part, according to Nissan. Additionally, when installed by a Nissan dealer, they are covered by the original vehicle warranty. If you plan to upgrade or customize your car, Nissan recommends that you only use OEM parts to ensure that you do not void your warranty.

If you take your car to an independent shop, the staff may order and install aftermarket parts. An aftermarket part is any part that was manufactured by a company other than the original vehicle manufacturer. In general, aftermarket parts are designed to be compatible with multiple brands of vehicles. As long as the part is a direct replacement part, the vehicle warranty will remain intact.

Aftermarket parts are often more affordable than OEM parts, but quality and price may vary significantly. If you choose to take your car somewhere other than the dealership, you can request that your repair facility only use OEM or high-quality aftermarket parts.

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