What Are Nissan OBDII Codes?

Nissan OBD-II codes are used to define issues that occur on a vehicle's engine operating system. These codes can arise from any of the systems that contribute to running a healthy engine. When one or more of these components fail, the check engine light inside of a vehicle turns on due to the trigger caused by one or more of these OBD-II codes.

Vehicles that were produced after 1996 utilize the OBD-II computer system. These computers are not just limited to Nissan models, and are seen across all makes and models. The actual list of OBD-II codes of Nissan varies on the actual model of the vehicle. For example, Nissan Altima codes are different from Nissan Sentra codes.

The actual codes are stored on the car's computer, which operates all aspects of the vehicle. In order to check a vehicle for trouble codes, a special tool called a code reader must be used. The code reader connects to the diagnostic plug, usually located inside the cabin of a vehicle or the engine bay. Once the code reader is connected, it will give the option to search for codes. Depending on the quality of the code reader, some will show in detail the type of code along with an troubleshooting information while others will just show the code number.