What Are Some Nissan Auto Parts That Can Be Salvaged?


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Some salvageable Nissan auto parts are the ABS pump, airbags, alloy wheels, axle and battery. Also salvageable are bonnets, brakes, cylinder heads, dashboards and mirrors, along with distributors, fuel tanks, headlamps, radiators and suspension parts. Wiper motors and engines in reasonably good and repairable condition are also reusable.

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The condition and age of Nissan auto parts has a bearing on whether they can be salvaged or not. In order for a part to be salvageable, it should be intact or reasonably intact, so it can be refurbished and reused. Since the purpose of salvaging Nissan auto parts is primarily to use them as spares for compatible vehicles, they need to be in fair condition.

Depending on wear and tear, parts such as car doors, starters, transmission, body panels and gearboxes, as well as ignitions, compressors, seats, throttles and bumpers can also be salvaged. Some salvaged auto parts are refurbished and inspected to ensure they meet auto standards before they are used as spares.

Insurance sales auctions and online auto sales portals are the best places to buy or sell salvaged Nissan auto parts. All these parts are considered to be used parts and are less expensive than new parts when fitted into another vehicle.

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