How Do You Negotiate to Buy a Small 4x4 SUV?


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To negotiate the purchase of a small 4x4 SUV, spend time researching before buying, know the average purchase price of the vehicle, understand the possible financing options, and be prepared to walk away from a deal if the seller asks too much. For 4x4s intended for rigorous use, it is worth paying particular attention to maintenance costs when determining a fair price. For a used vehicle, current condition is also important.

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How Do You Negotiate to Buy a Small 4x4 SUV?
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As with any large purchase, negotiating a good price on a car should involve comparing multiple options. Consider visiting multiple dealers and shopping for financing directly. Doing so may result in greater leverage over potential sellers.

When purchasing a new vehicle, be sure to know the invoice price. This is what the dealer paid the manufacturer for a car. This number can also be relevant when purchasing a gently used SUV. Find vehicle invoice prices online through CarandDriver.com's buyer's guide or other websites.

Do not be tempted to negotiate based on monthly payments. For most buyers, the actual monthly cost is a very important number. However, focusing too much on this figure could distract from a high interest rate and longer term. When negotiating, remember all areas that dealers use to plan pricing: purchase price, down payment, monthly payment and trade-in value.

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