What is needed to install a sidecar to a motorcycle?


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Sidecar installation generally requires a mounting bracket for the sidecar, hardware to attach the bracket to the motorcycle and sidecar, and common tools such as wrenches. Stands, blocks of wood or other items to prop up the motorcycle and sidecar during attachment are also useful, as are straight pieces of wood to assist with adjusting the toe-in of the motorcycle and sidecar for maximum stability.

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Installing a sidecar onto a motorcycle generally consists of three major steps. In the first step, the sidecar mounting bracket is attached to the frame of the motorcycle and then to the sidecar itself. Some companies produce universal mounting brackets that fit most motorcycles, although some specific makes and models may require specific mounting brackets due to differences in their design. The sidecar itself is also attached to the bracket at this step.

The second major step of sidecar installation is the adjustment of toe-in. Toe-in refers to the angle of the sidecar's wheels and the motorcycle's wheels toward the inside of the center of the combined motorcycle and sidecar. It is usually adjusted so that the angles of the sidecar wheel and the motorcycle wheels intersect slightly to ensure good stability of the sidecar and motorcycle. The final step of the installation is to connect the brake lights and other electrical equipment of the sidecar to the motorcycle.

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