Do You Need a Special Driver's License to Rent a 15-Passenger Van?

Many states require motorists to possess a commercial driver's license if renting a 12-or 15-passenger van, explain the consultants at Redwoods Group. Other states may only require that the renter be 25 years of age, states National Car Rental.

In the state of California, a CDL is a must if the vehicle is designed to carry 10 or more passengers and is being operated for hire or profit or by a non-profit organization, explains National Car Rental.

While the necessary state endorsements vary, they are typically only required by drivers who live in the particular state. For example, non-native California visitors who would otherwise need a CDL do not need it if their home states do not require it.

In addition to meeting the license requirements in the state of rental, agencies may also set forth additional terms and conditions as stated in the rental agreement for 12-and 15-passenger vans, says National Car Rental. For example, National and Alamo Rent A Car both state that vans rented in the United States may not be driven in Canada. Additionally, National renters in the state of Rhode Island must posses liability coverage that transfers to the rented vehicle.