What Do You Need to Know to Pass a Driving Test?


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The driver needs to know local and state laws pertaining to motor vehicles and basic maneuvers used while driving a vehicle to pass a driving test. A person taking a driving test must demonstrate those skills and understanding of traffic laws to pass the test.

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The driving test itself consists of the testing individual driving a vehicle she provides with an examiner riding in the vehicle. The examiner instructs the driver on where to go and which maneuvers to demonstrate. This often includes driving in different areas, parking, backing up, turning, stopping and changing lanes. The instructor also evaluates things such as keeping a safe distance from other vehicles, checking mirrors and looking before passing another vehicle.

Knowing the requirements for the driving portion also helps the person succeed. The vehicle needs to be in working order. Other passengers are usually not allowed in the vehicle during the test.

If the driving test includes a written portion, the person taking the test needs to know specifics about traffic laws and safe driving. The test may cover road signs, safety issues and scenario-based questions, so the person demonstrates her understanding of how to drive. Most states offer a study guide for the written license exam. Use this guide to determine which facts are important on the exam.

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